Tiny Dome Homes

Our tiny dome home kits are 320 and 645 sq. ft. in area for a 20 ' and 29 ' diameter dome respectively.  The dome home kits are available as a simple shell only, or completely finished out the insulation and interior walls as well.  The kits are available to developers, home builders and the DIY home owner from the maker community as well.

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Tiny Dome Homes

We believe with these methods, varied by land cost, then a 320 sq. ft. area tiny dome home can be built for $25,000 to $50,000, "all in"  (with foundation, bath and kitchen) TinyKingdom.house of Austin is developing two (2) small gated neighborhoods to demonstrate our advances at lower prices for homes with a 16 Dome Project in Oak Hill and a 24 Dome Project on East MLK or FM 969.

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Come see us at the TinyHouseJamboree in booth #SB201 this August 24th, 25th & 26th, 2018 at the Travis County Expo center.

TinyDomeHomes.co will be the technology and price leader in the booming Tiny Home movement emerging here in Austin and around the country.


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8 reasons to build a dome home.

1.  Advanced building poly-hybrid Materials that replace wood as the primary construction medium, to make Eco-Friendly homes that are not just Net-Zero but Net-Positive homes.  Where it works, recycled materials reduce costs and also avoids the carbon impact of new material harvest, production and its transportation.

2. Advanced insulation materials that replace rock wool, fiberglass and polyurethane insulation with new forms of recycled materials.

3.  Advanced insulation materials that are non-toxic, lower cost and higher performance plus add structural strength.

4.  Advanced building designs that use Flat-Pack materials that can be manufactured in mass by 3D printers, CNC routers and robotics.

5. Advanced Assembly methods that deliver homes to the site as prefabricated House-KITS that greatly reduce labor and construction time to a minimum.

6. Going beyond LEED specifications to A Net-Positive Building is a home or building that makes more electricity energy than it consumes.  Plus use of recycled construction materials, and systems that recycle or minimizes all electricity, water and waste.

7. New form factors for homes, such as our Tiny Dome Home, sometimes called a "Texas Igloo", that reduce the surface areas of the home reducing material cost and energy use both.

8.  Using the same Poly-Hybrid materials, sometimes called ACM, Aluminum Clad Composite and ALL scraps from the dome home manufacturing ar repurposed into Furniture designs call "FLAT-PACK", simply meaning three dimensional shapes formed from two dimensional materials ( sheet material ),  Couches, chairs, tables and cabinets make our tiny dome homes something very futuristic.



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